I’m a Santa Cruz Wildlife Artist, Biologist, Illustrator and Author of Children’s Books who lives in Felton, California.

I paint wildlife, birds in particular, but that does  include a few landscapes. My mediums are egg tempera, acrylic, watercolor and gouache (an opaque watercolor). I’ve illustrated and co-authored a couple field guides ( birds and marine mammals) and written and illustrated  three children’s books about research projects I have worked on. Besides my more “finished” work my portfolio pages  include one containing  a variety of  sketches and subject matter rendered in graphite, watercolor and or gouache .

The basis of  most of  my work is observation and field sketching, combined frequently with looking at museum specimens and photographs; in particular for the field guide plates that I paint. My travels as a biologist and artist studying and painting birds have taken me from the Amazon to the Arctic and Antarctic. I also have  written and illustrated several children’s books about my research experiences.

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